1. In My Memory:

Released: April 15, 2001
Labels: Black hollow Recordings
formats: digital down load, CD

2. Just Be:

launched: April 6, 2004
Labels: Black hollow
formats: digital down load, CD

3. Elements of Life:

launched: April sixteen, 2007
Labels: Sony BMG, extremely statistics, Black hole
codecs: digital download, CD

4. Kaleidoscope:

released: October 6, 2009
Labels: Musical Freedom
codecs: digital down load, CD

5. Kiss from the Past:

released: June 13, 2011
Labels: Magik Muzik
formats: virtual down load, CD

6. A Town Called Paradise:

launched: June sixteen, 2014
Labels: Musical Freedom, PM:AM, widely wide-spread
formats: digital download, CD

For his net worth.

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